I spend a lot of time tropical dreaming. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend every day under the shade of swaying palm trees, sipping on fresh-from-the-tree coconuts?

It’s hard not to wish for a tropical beach lifestyle – always in flip flops with sandy toes, less divide between indoor and outdoor living, and lush plants as far as the eye can see. But alas, it’s still pretty cold in the UK, so here’s how to bring a bit of sunshine into your home whatever the weather.

1. Indoor plants

We might not have a tropical climate outside, but at least we can keep the tropical vibe alive inside. Some of my favourites are yucca, succulents and cacti. Here’s my Aloe Vera plant and my Monstera thriving in my living room.

2. Tropically inspired furnishings and decorative items

I am borderline obsessed with pineapples (because nothing says tropical like a pineapple, right?). Happily, at some point recently the tropical theme went mainstream, which means there’s pineapples and palm trees aplenty in the shops right now. Check out this palm tree jewellery stand from Oliver Bonas, Made’s jungle cushions, and this Roo’s beach pineapple trinket holder😍.
Tropical interiors


3. Wall art

Last but not least, bring the sunshine to your wall with extra large prints and artwork, like these beauties from Aquabumps. You’ll almost feel like you’re there.

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