I love pretty much everything about coconuts – they grow in the best locations, they’re yummy in many different forms and they also have numerous benefits for your health. It’s no surprise to me the coconut is held in high regard in countries such as India. Today I’m focusing just on the multi-talented coconut oil – and my five favourite beauty-related uses.

  1. Coconut oil body scrub – I’ve made this with sugar and ground coffee and each time it works a treat. It’s the most effective and moisturising scrub I’ve tried (and the cheapest too).
  2. Hair masque – When my hair is feeling a little straw-like, I rub coconut oil onto the ends about an hour before showering. The result? Extra soft hair that feels a lot less dry.
  3. Balm – I first substituted coconut oil when I was out of lip balm, it works great. I’ve since started using it anytime I might use a balm – for cuticles, dry sore skin and wetsuit rub.
  4. Whipped for body butter – You can just use it as a moisturiser straight from the jar, but it’s not ideal (it goes hard if your house is cold for starters). However, whip it up, and you’re laughing. All you need to do is whisk with a standard house-hold whisk until it forms a body butter consistency, then store in a jar.
  5. Eat it – not strictly a beauty product, but coconut oil is full of good fats that do wonders for your skin and hair from the inside, too. Plus it’s pretty damn tasty, which helps.

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