The best way to get fit for surfing is obviously to go surfing. But that isn’t always possible. It might be flat, you might live too far away to go frequently, or you know, you just have to go to work. With that in mind here are five tried and tested surf-related workouts…

1. Nike Training Club – Carissa Moore Beach Balance paired with Lakey Peterson Beach Legs

The Nike Training Club app is full of tough workouts and these two from Carissa and Lakey are no exception. Carissa’s is primarily a core workout, while Lakey’s focuses on legs.  The moves seem vary from fairly easy to seriously hard but you feel like you’ve had a good workout by the end of it.

Length: 30 mins total.
Good for: Core and legs.
How to get it: Download the free Nike Training Club app.

Tip: Although it says you need a step, dumbbell, resistance band and foam roller for these workouts, you can make do with stairs for the step and a rolled up yoga mat instead of a foam roller.

2. Flow Physio Pilates for surfers

Flow Physio’s classes always look fun on Instagram and this is an opportunity to join in even if you don’t live in Devon.
Length: 20 mins but the idea is you pause and do each exercise for longer.
Good for: A core workout – I was feeling it for days afterwards.
How to get itWatch online for free.

3. Waveshape

A workout by Amercian trainer Adam Rosante and surf bikini brand Calavera. I love that it is filmed on the beach but wish the marketing wouldn’t focus so much on getting a “surf body” rather than getting fit for surfing. The format is easy to follow, you do as many reps as you can of three exercises for seven minutes.

Length: 7 minutes (although you could combine all three for a 21 minute workout).
Good for: If you’ve no time but want to feel like you’ve worked hard.
How to get it: Try the abs, strength and endurance plus full body workout on YouTube for free or get full access for $9.97 a month on the website.

4. Yoga 15 for Surfers

A short 15-minute yoga routine aimed at surfers. I like Yoga 15 in general for its minimum viable yoga approach (15 minutes being the minimum amount of yoga you need to do to get the benefits). The fact that it is only 15 minutes is great for inspiring you to get on your mat when you can’t be bothered. The surf yoga is quite chilled but there’s some more challenging stuff on the app too.

Length: 15 minutes.
Good for: Post-surf stretching. Also really good after you’ve spent a whole day hunched up at a desk.
How to get it: Download the Yoga 15 app or buy online. It’s £2.29 but the Yoga 15 app does have a selection of free videos to try before you splash out.

5. Yoga for Surfers Fluid Power Yoga

I’ve had this one for many years – it was one of the first surf specific yoga videos to come out and is designed to build strength and stamina inbetween surfs. It’s a fast vinyasa flow followed by balancing exercises. I like the class but I have to admit the cheesy voiceover grates after a while, so I’m more likely to follow along with the sound off now I’m familiar with the sequence.

Length: 45 minutes.
Good for: When you want an energetic yoga routine.
How to get it: Download on Vimeo for £13.54.

Bonus – Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30

It’s not actually surf specific, but this workout series from Jillian Micheals has a lot of moves that feel like they would be beneficial for surf fitness (think intervals, balancing, supermans and one leg squats).

Length: Four workouts, 30 minutes each.
Good for: Building muscle strength.
How to get it: Order off Amazon for £8.95.

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