Surfing can get frustrating, and I’m definitely guilty of getting annoyed because it’s too big for me to get out back or I just want to improve already.

Here’s five things I do to try and get the fun back when I’m in danger of taking it all a bit too seriously…

1. Enjoy the moment

While I was in Costa Rica I paddled out to a waveless session. Thankfully, I actually managed to enjoy the moment rather than fretting about not actually catching any waves.

The water was warm, pelicans were swooping over the water, turtles were sharing the line up with us, and the sun was setting in a seriously spectacular fashion. I might not have topped it all off with a great wave, but this is all pretty epic stuff in itself, and I would have experienced none of it if I wasn’t in the sea, hoping to catch some waves.

2. Share good vibes

I’ve been lucky enough to surf with some super fun girls (mainly through the fantastic Surf Sistas) who are WAY better than me at getting out of a funk. One thing I learnt from them is to make an effort to share the stoke.

Granted, if you’re in a bit of a grump, not catching waves, it takes a super human effort to whoop someone having a great time. But if you can find it in yourself to give a yeeew, it makes the other person feel seriously awesome and creates a much nicer atmosphere in the water.

3. Go on a bigger board

I’m often reluctant to do it, but swapping to a mini mal, foamie or a longboard is a guaranteed mood lifter. Body surfing also works wonders.

4. Surf for fun

Have fun out there! Claim your waves. Do headstands. Make shapes. Have a party wave. As Loz says (check her out, she’s awesome) surfing is fun, and we’re lucky to be surfers. You’re in the sea, so you may as well enjoy it.

5. Surf anyway

So, it’s crap. Try anyway. I’m always tempted not to bother when the conditions are less than perfect, but I’ve actually had some super fun waves when I wasn’t keen to get in, plus I’m even even more grateful when the waves actually are perfect.

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