I love discovering new people on Instagram, especially inspiring creative types – here are ten great surf-related artists I’ve spotted recently.

1. Fuocobird

2. Hico

A photo posted by Hico🌈 (@hicosurf) on

3. Ymidy

A photo posted by Yumi (@ymidy) on

4. Jonas Draws


A photo posted by Jonas Claesson (@jonas_draws) on

5. Flick Palmateer

6. Vicki Jones


A photo posted by Vicki Jones (@vicki_jones29) on

7. Natalia Resmini

8. Becky Starsmore


A photo posted by Becky (@beckystarsmore) on

9. Saltyeyebrows aka Spreadthefroth

A photo posted by Loz (@saltyeyebrows) on

10. Emily Hamilton


  1. hey – I was just thinking of starting up mu own surf journal, so of course googled and … found you. My wife Nicole and I live in San Diego – I saw this page of really cool artists you like. Check out Nicole’s photos, they’re “impressionist photography” http://www.beachradish.com

    now back to checking out floatstories and figuring how I want to do my journal


    • Hi Jim! Thanks for sharing Nicole’s photos, they are awesome! Good luck with your surf journal, looking forward to reading it 🙂

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