I’m a beach person, so even though I live here, I often ignore Somerset in favour of the wave-rich coasts of Devon and Cornwall. Saying that, it totally has a few gems. Here are four awesome things you should do if you’re ever in Somerset.

1. Hike Cheddar Gorge

Cheddar Gorge is truly spectacular. Do the National Trust walk for an amazing view and a great workout (it’s steep!). Keep an eye out for the famous cliff-top goats.

2. See the starling mumuration

From Autumn to February you can see a HUGE number of starlings doing some crazy impressive patterns in the sky, especially over the Somerset levels. Just before/during sunset is the best time.

3. Climb Glastonbury Tor

I’m not really a fan of Glastonbury the town, but the view from the Tor is pretty special, and it’s a fun stomp to the top. (Nope, you’re not seeing things, there really is a heart mowed in that field).

View from Glastonbury Tor

4. Cycle in the Quantocks

Somerset may suck for surfing, but it’s awesome for mountain biking. There’s great trails all over the Quantocks and Exmoor.

Start from Triscombe car park in the Quantocks, go cross country and you’ll be treated to some sea views after about 20 mins of riding.

For a more sedate affair, try the Strawberry Line, a flat former railway line that goes through a cider farm.

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