As an ex beauty blogger (yes, that was my actual job) I got to try A LOT of beauty products. Along the way I came across a few products that worked well for salty types.

Essential coverage

I’m not one for wearing make up while surfing, but if you have something you want covering (say, a pesky spot or bags under your eyes) mineral makeup is perfect. It’s naturally water resistant and you can just buff a small amount onto the area in question. There’s loads of brands to choose from but Bare Minerals are a good place to start.

Alternatively, as I’ve mentioned before, you can also get Shiseido sun cream in foundation colours.

Luscious lashes

Mascara, even the waterproof stuff, is just not worth the hassle in the sea. Instead, I dye my eyelashes, and sometimes my eyebrows, if they’ve gone a bit sun-kissed, with 30 day mascara (aka eyelash dye). Although the idea of putting dye around your eye might sound a bit scary, this stuff is cheap, easy to use, and lasts ages.

The result is defined lashes and eyebrows you can actually see, no mascara required.

Hair rescue

Sea salt, sunshine and wetsuit hoods are not kind to hair, and mine certainly takes a beating. The best product I’ve found for parched hair is argan oil. It makes it look better right away and seems to help long term too. I use Morrocan oil  but there’s lots of other variations out there.

I’ve also found coconut oil is a good pre-wash treatment for damaged hair and my favourite post-surf conditioner is Dove Hair Therapy Damage Repair Intensive conditioner. It works (for me at least) better than a lot of more expensive conditioners out there for detangling and returning your hair to normal after a battering in the sea.

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