If you’re anything like me and you need a constant supply of podcasts for lunchtime walks and long drives to the beach, then here’s five surfing related ones to add to your queue…

1. Surf Simply

Surf simply podcast

Put together by the Surf Simply coaching resort, this podcast is an interesting and often entertaining mix of surfing tips, surf news and opinions. Sometimes they go way off topic, but it’s worth hanging in there for the excellent surfing tips!

Check out: Episode 45 – Systems vs goals.

2. Surf Mastery

Surf Mastery Podcast

This podcast, by surf coach and personal trainer Michael Frampton, is designed to help you master every aspect of surfing. There’s some real gold in this podcast, but I find it can be a bit hit and miss – some episodes are really interesting, while others fail to capture my interest. Definitely worth a listen though.

There’s some good summaries in the blog to help you decide which episode to listen to first.

Check out: Episode 009  -Martin Dunn, Surf Australia Head Coach

3. Salted spirit

Salted Spirit Podcast

Salted Spirit is a series of conversations with adventurous waterwomen from Stacie Vanags. I’m only one episode in but so far so good and the list of interviewees looks super inspiring.

Check out: I’m looking forward to listening to the episodes with Kassia Meador and underwater photographer Sarah Lee.

4. Occ-cast


If you miss Occy aka Mark Occhilupo’s commentary on the WSL, then check out his podcast where he interviews fellow surfers including John John, Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning.

Check out: Episode 14 with Laura Enever, taking about her crazy wipeouts and 35 second hold downs at Jaws.

5. THE Kyle ThiErmann SHOW

The Kyle Thiermann Show

Surfer and film maker Kyle Thiermann’s podcast interviews a wide range of characters in the surf world and beyond, from surfers like Leah Dawson to editors, filmmakers and authors.

Check out: Episode 46 with women’s big wave world champion Paige Alms.


Looking sideways

Looking sideways podcast

In the Looking Sideways podcast journalist and Action Sports Media Director Matt Barr uncovers stories from across the action sports industry.

Check out: Episode 12 with Finisterre founder Tom Kay.

Wild ideas worth living

Wild ideas worth living podcast

Wild Ideas Worth Living is a podcast by journalist Shelby Stanger. She interviews people in the outdoors and adventure sports industry who inspire others to pursue their wildest ideas.

Check out: Episode 9 with Bethany Hamilton.

The wire by Firewire

The Wire By Firewire surfboards

I’ve not had chance to listen to this podcast, put out by Firewire Surfboards, but some of the episodes sound worth well worth a listen.

Check out: Episode 5 – Kelly Kinston from Share the Stoke.

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