California rocks. It’s one of the few places on earth you can literally surf and snowboard on the same day.

I’ve visited twice on surf/snowboard missions and there’s still so much left to explore. I’d happily go back.

Where to snowboard

I love Big Bear and Snow Summit. They’re small, fun mountains only a couple of hours drive from LA. Big Bear is more park orientated, and Snow Summit has an incredible view of Big Bear Lake.

A longer drive from LA there’s also the world-renowned Mammoth Mountain, well worth a visit.

Where to surf

There are waves all along the coast in Southern California, but sadly I haven’t had much chance to surf them. Despite a lengthly hunt for waves, both times we visited it was ever-so-nearly flat, with only a ankle-high ripple on offer.

If we went again I would definitely hire a guide, as you could drive around for hours looking for waves and even with virtually no waves the well-known spots were crowded!


  • You can’t take everything, so pick your weapon of choice. I took my snowboard gear and wetsuit, then hired a board (the longest longboard I could find!).
  • You need a car! There’s really no getting around this.
  • The water is cool and the snow is slushy. We visited in February and April, surfed in 3/2mm wetsuits and snowboarded in spring gear (snowboard pants and a waterproof hoody).

Other cool things to do

There’s plenty of other ways to have a good time when you’re not at the beach or in the mountains…

  • Go hiking. There’s loads of great hikes. Head up behind the Hollywood sign for an alternative view of LA.
  • Be a tourist. Skip Hollywood and head to crazy Venice.
  • Explore! Drive the Pacific Coast Highway for an incredible road trip.
  • Eat. Yummy, healthy food is everywhere. Check out Lemonade.

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