Trevedra Farm is the kind of campsite you almost don’t want to tell anyone about. There’s glorious sea-view pitches and a picturesque path down to a surfing beach (Gwenver) that gets the most swell in the UK (according to the Stormrider Guide).

I am sharing this post though because the secret is long out – there’s countless five star reviews online and it’s already pretty much full up for the whole summer. It’s also well known with surf fans – when I was making my breakfast at 6.30am there was already a steady stream of dawn patrol surfers returning up the path from the beach.

The campsite

The campsite itself is probably one of the best I’ve ever stayed in. We got lucky with a prime spot pitch which helped – but the site itself is well-maintained, has friendly staff and a well-stocked shop. There’s also a cafe where you can get takeaway cheesy chips to eat in your tent, yum.

Amazing sunsets

We arrived at around 9pm, so sunset was well underway. The position of the site means sunset is a full-on spectacle, setting dramatically into the sea. I loved how half the campsite gravitated to the bottom field to watch it.

Sunset Trevedra Farm

VIew from the tent at Trevedra farm campsite

The sunset is pretty spectacular from the beach as well.

Gwenver sunset


Gwenver beach

The beach at Gwenver is down a permissive path from the campsite. It’s a bit of a trek with a board but the walk is beautiful – through a field with flower-filled hedgerows, along paths thronged with tropical-looking plants and then down steps to a white sand beach that feels like its at the end of the earth. I honestly felt like I was abroad.

Trevedra path


I didn’t actually surf at Gwenver on our visit as the waves were double overhead at times and therefore way out of my comfort zone. I imagine it would be fun when it’s little though!
Chunky surf at Trevedra

At low tide you can walk round on the beach to Sennen, or it’s a short walk along the coast path or a even shorter drive around.

All in all, the perfect campsite – if you can get in.

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