I used to use shop-bought scrubs, but these were fairly expensive and also contained a whole host of chemically stuff. For the last six months or so, I’ve completely switched to using my own homemade version. It’s super fast to make and gets just as good results (if not better) than the stuff from the shops.

I’ve been experimenting with various formulas and this is my favourite of the moment. Coffee scrubs are pretty popular right now with brands like Frank selling it as a cure to cellulite, amongst other things. I have no idea if it helps cellulite, but we get through a LOT of ground coffee in our coffee machine each day so it makes sense to recycle it in a scrub. If you don’t have a coffee machine, Starbucks give away used ground coffee for free.

How to make

Ground coffee
Sugar (I like a fine variety)
Coconut oil

Making it is simple,  just mix together all the ingredients, put in a pot/jar/tub and then scrub! You can also add extras to make it smell scrummy (like vanilla) but most of the time I keep it quick and simple and stick to the basic formula.

Two words of warning: 

1. This stuff is MESSY. Be prepared for your bath or shower to look like someone has had a mud bath in there. I haven’t had any lasting stains but that’s not to say your bathroom might not appreciate being covered in coffee – you’ve been warned!
2. I make this in small batches especially now it’s warm as no one wants mouldy coffee in their bathroom!

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