Cross back bikinis are the bomb. They put less strain on your neck and shoulders, they work better under wetsuits (no annoying straps digging in/letting water in) and they look great too.

The only annoying thing about cross backs is that they’re a nightmare to find. No stores categorise their bikinis by strap type, so it’s a case of searching through until you hit gold. With the summer now over and the sales on (and a warm water surfing trip to buy for, yew!), I’ve been hunting for some new cross backs to add to my bikini selection, here are some of the nicest ones I found…


Calavera surf bikini

My Calavera bikini is still the best surfing bikini I own – it’s the only one I truly feel secure in. Props for their bodies built with passion, not photoshop mantra, too.

Sadly you have to get them shipped from the US, but they’re worth it, I think!


Kovey bikini from seafoam surf

I was so happy to see the Seafoam surf shop open, they already stock probably the best selection of surf bikinis available in the UK. I have a serious crush on this Kovey shark tooth cross back.


Billabong cross back bikini

Billabong has a good selection of cross backs and they are also very affordable, the Sol Searcher Athletic top is currently in the sale at Two Seasons for £11.50.


Seea surfing bikini

Happily you can know get Seea in the UK at both Surfdome and Roo’s Beach. I’ve just bought the Leucadia top in the sale and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

And a bonus find…


H&M cross back bikini

Now, I can’t help thinking that this bikini may have been “inspired” by Mikoh, but at £12.99 it’s hard to say no. I can’t say how useful this would be for actual surfing, but it could be good for under wetsuits or apres-surf beach hangs.

Main image credit: Calavera shot by Alberto Guglielmi.

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