DIY board sock

Last year I inherited a sewing machine.

I was pretty excited about this development and I had visions of being a super seamstress. Oh, the things that I could make. I had been keeping a surplus of old neoprene from wetsuits that had seen better days and I was looking forward to giving them a new purpose in life.

The other thing I was keen to make was a board sock. There’s plenty of board socks for sale but they’re all pretty samey and stripy. Nothing was calling ‘buy me’ and I had a new board that I wanted to keep all snug and safe.

Two trips to Fabricland in Bristol later (I’m indecisive) and I had some beautiful ikat style stretch material in my possession, now I just had to make the thing.

Making the board sock

I have no idea is this is how I should have gone about it (pro-sewer, I am not), but this is the method I used:

  1. Lay fabric on floor, place board on top.
  2. Cut fabric about one inch larger than board (with an extra few inches around the fins).
  3. Turn board over, repeat the process for the second piece.
  4. Tack both pieces of fabric together, inside out, leaving a gap to put the board in.
  5. Test out on the board, tack tighter/looser as required.
  6. Machine where you tacked using appropriate stitch – I used one for a stretch fabric, as that’s what I was using.
  7. Test on your board again. At this point, I realised my sock was too long, so I trimmed some excess at the bottom.
  8. Now you’re ready to create the entry point. I bought some stretchy elastic and a toggle from eBay for this part.
  9. Here’s where I had to enlist some help from my mum, sewing queen, as it turns out my GCSE textiles only goes so far. What you need to do next is create a channel for the elastic (I’m sure there’s some special technical term for this, sorry sewing community), by folding over the fabric once, tacking, then folding again.
  10. Sew this final section on the machine and then you’re done, hooray (apart from threading through your elastic which I borrowed a bodkin for).

Two homemade board socks

Here’s the final board bag.

Ikat board sock

And on the beach in Costa Rica (picture courtesy of Surf Sistas).

Homemade board sock - Costa Rica



  1. Jeroen van der Merwe Reply

    What material did you use for the surfboard sock?

    • Hey, I used a lycra mix fabric – thinner and stretchier than the stuff board socks are normally made from, as they didn’t have anything similar in my fabric shop. But I ended up liking the extra stretch and it’s still going strong! Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Super cute! I’ve been wanting to make a board sock. Inspirational.

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