We have a big white wall on our staircase that’s been crying out for some decoration in the shape of a wall-mounted surfboard. We looked at some ready-made options like the Stik up mount but they seemed fairly pricey for what they were and it seemed like there must be a cheaper way to get the board on the wall yourself.

This is the solution we (well, by we, I mean James, who’s much more practical than me) came up with. It’s basically two shelf brackets from B&Q, plus a short piece of dowel to hold the board in place.

Surfboard on the wall staircase

The process of putting it up was pretty much the same as if you were putting up a shelf, except you needed to cut your dowel to size, then drill two holes in the brackets (the same size as your dowel). Our bits of dowel are just wedged in the hole, but you could use glue to make it extra secure if you wanted to.

Surfboard mounted on the wall

You could also make the shelf arms yourself if you wanted more of a customised look, but we just used the ready-made ones for ease (plus they were really good value at £3.98).

The board has been living happily on the wall for a few weeks now, and is securely held in place by the dowel. As it’s high up there’s no chance of us knocking it off, and it’s much nicer to look at than a blank white wall.

Surfboard wall mount made using shelf supports

Total cost = £9.95

  • Shelf arms – £3.98 each from B&Q
  • Length of 10mm dowel – Approx. £1.99 from B&Q
  • Wall plugs (already owned)

Tools required

  • Drill
  • Drill bit (right size for your dowel)
  • Saw
  • Spirit level

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