Hair looking less mermaid, more sea monster?

Copious amounts of saltwater and sun are not generally the way to get super healthy locks (even if they do give you awesome natural highlights).

If your hair is suffering, this hair treatment might be the answer.

Originally beloved by celebrities who wanted to radically change their hair colour every two weeks (yes, I’m talking about Kim Kardashian), this treatment was recommended by my hairdresser after she saw the state of my ends. My hair is bleached as well as sea-ravaged, so it was really not looking its best.

Introducing, Olaplex.

What is it?

Olaplex hair treatment

Olaplex is a three step “hair perfector”. The more potent version is used by hairdressers in the dyeing process, but the no 3 at home version can be used by anyone (dyed hair or not) to improve the condition of their hair.

It’s not a conditioner, instead it strengthens the bonds in the hair. This is the official blurb…

The advanced formula utilises a Bond Multiplying System; which seeks to reconnect broken disulphide sulphur bonds in hair, effectively resetting the hair from within to allow enhanced regrowth, structure and integrity. Suitable for all hair types, it prolongs colour vitality and vibrancy while strengthening the core follicle for a smoother, supple finish.

I was naturally suspicious of anything that claimed to “heal” hair, but I can vouch for the results – after using this my hair looks (and feels) ten times better.

You can buy from hairdressers or online from Look Fantastic for around £30 (although it’s on Amazon, it’s not a verified authentic version).

Don’t be put off for the price, although £30 for a tiny bottle seems steep, you only need the a tiny amount each week (a ten pence piece size according to my hairdresser) so it lasts and lasts. My hair has seriously never looked better.

Time for some shampoo ad style hair flicks…


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