I’ve had this awesome interview lined up with Rebekah Steen of Goldfish Kiss for a few weeks now. But I just haven’t had the energy to come on my blog and post it up.

I’ve been feeling a little drained with the blogging world – like there’s SO MANY bloggers now and so much content out there that yet-another-blog-post isn’t really needed. But Rebekah just inspired me to get my blogging mojo back with this excellent post which basically echoes everything I’ve been feeling.

We might not all be models, we don’t all have a million followers, but we can still carry on doing our own thing in our own little corner of the internet. Which leads me on to this…

If you’re ever needing a bit of sand, sea and sunshine in your life, Goldfish Kiss is a great place to head. There’s beach pics aplenty, uplifting you’ve-got-this posts and some great swimwear, workout and travel guides.

I’ve long been a fan of Rebekah’s fun puns and happy watercolour art, and now Goldfish Kiss has teamed up with Ripcurl for a Hawaii-inspired collection of bikinis, tops and trucker hats.

Here’s a short but sweet interview with the girl herself…

Your Hawaii-inspired range with Rip Curl is swell, what’s your favourite piece?

Probably the Hawaii tank, mainly because so many people can wear it anywhere, and the watercolor is based off of a pretty sentimental post on the blog.

Goldfish kiss Hawaii

What’s your favourite way to keep the aloha in your life even when you’re far from Hawaii?

I surf whenever I can, even if it’s only once a week, that time in the ocean just brings back so many feelings (even if the water is freezing), and I have a few pandora stations dialed in that I play nonstop in our house on a speaker. Works like a charm.

What mantra do you live by?

There’s something beautiful or fun in each day, as long as you remember to look for it. And treat others the way you wanted to be treated.

Thanks Rebekah!

Check out the whole collection on Rip Curl. You can also pick up some pieces, including Rebekah’s favourite, the Hawaii tank, on Surfdome. Plus, you can get hold of Rebekah’s other art at Society 6.

Ripcurl x goldfish kiss

All images: Goldfish Kiss

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