The work series continues! This time Falmouth-based Tom and Jesse share their experience of launching Jubel, an Alps-inspired peach beer…

What were you doing before you launched Jubel and how did you make the leap to working for yourself?

I was working for Mars Chocolate as the Maltesers brand manager whilst on their grad scheme and Tom was about to start his job at FTSE index company in London. We were both having a pint together to catch up and talking about how we both weren’t doing something we were passionate about and whilst we were chatting, the song ‘Jubel’ came on in the pub which reminded us of the Uni ski trip we went on when we first came up with the idea for launching a peach beer. We decided there and then to go for it so we spent a year developing our product and following a successful summer launch and knowing there was a market for it, we quit our jobs last September to focus on Jubel full-time.

What’s your journey been like since you launched?

It has been hugely up and down!

We were in a bit of a limbo phase before Christmas where we needed to find a new contract brewer, raise investment, have a route to market sales strategy to distribute our beer, and make some recipe changes to the beer itself. It felt like a chicken or egg situation where we couldn’t raise investment until we knew how we were going to make and sell our beer, but distributors weren’t interested in us until they knew we had a marketing budget, and suppliers weren’t interested in us until they knew we had the backing to support large orders. It took us a while to work through this stage but everything came together around March this year just in time to gear up for summer and we had our proper commercial launch this May.

What’s the average day of a peach beer entrepreneur like?!

There aren’t really any average days to be honest but most days involve the gym, new customer calls, customer follow ups, event preparation, quite a lot of HMRC / Companies House admin, material ordering, production planning, and a lot of deliberating over Instagram captions!

Favourite beach for an Apres-surf beer?

We do love Gylly Beach which is our local one – it’s not quite Après Surf, more like Après paddle-board but it is definitely Après Sea!

Beers on the beach
What are your future plans for Jubel?

We’re looking to establish ourselves with a strong sales presence in the South West over this summer with a view to future national and international expansion. We’re looking to build a strong brand identity through the events we partner with and the other brands that we collaborate with.

What other businesses are you loving in the south west right now?

We love strong brands so are big fans of what the guys are doing with Tarquin’s over at SW Distillery – think they’re an awesome example of how to grow and establish a strong brand. Got to love Finisterre too – they’re a clear example of how to fully understand who you’re targeting as a business and brand, and how everything the business does by way of product or brand communication should support that. Also love how they’re focused on doing good business and good through business with their focus on having a positive impact on the environment through their sustainability measures.

And finally, what advice do you have for others looking to set up their own business in the south west?

When we sat down pretty clueless on day one of being full-time on Jubel, we went along to a Breakthrough start-up workshop at Oxford Innovation which was incredibly helpful to be asked the challenging questions that we needed to be focusing on, and receive business coaching from an experienced industry professional. Following that, I’d say our personal advice would be:

  • Believe with 100% certainty that you will be successful at your venture – if you don’t first, no one else ever will.
  • Just do it – don’t sit around talking or planning for months or years because you learn the most when you just get going and you’ll quickly find out things never go to plan so best not to waste too much time in planning phase.
  • Don’t be shy – you have to speak to so many people you don’t know when starting a business and have to build relationships quickly. Get rid of any sort of fear of failure or worry that someone might not like you or your idea, not everyone will so just be confident in yourself that you’ve got a good idea and get out there and chatting to people with confidence because if you’re confident that speaks volumes to others.

Thanks to Jubel Beer, check them out on Instagram and Facebook, or visit their website to find out more.

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