To be honest, I never planned to visit Kilve beach. But I wanted to go for a walk by the beach without having to drive for hours. A quick Google revealed that Kilve was only 40 mins away, so we got in the car and went.


It was way more spectacular than I was expecting, and much more so than the pictures suggest. So here’s five reasons to check it out.

1. Crazy rock formations

Everywhere you look there’s interesting rocks – so interesting it’s been designated an area of special scientific interest. It sounds dull, but we spent over an hour just marvelling at different bits of rock!




2. Cool fossils

As well as layers of rocks, there’s also new fossils regularly revealed thanks to erosion from the sea. There’s plenty of huge examples easily found (you can’t take them away thanks to the special scientific interest).

3. Loads of rock pools

There was interesting rock pools all around and so many varieties of seaweed.

Rock pools kilve

4. It’s on the coast path

The beach is on the England Coast Path, and you can also walk along the path in both directions from the beach. The views from the top are great.


5. Waves!

While we were there were some cool little waves, I’m pretty sure they would never be surfable (due to the aforementioned crazy rocks) but they were fun to watch.

Kilve beach waves

Kilve beach waves

Kilve Beach Tips

  • Wear hiking boots – the rocks are slippy and hard to walk over!
  • The car park is pay and display and you can’t pay by phone, take change.

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