Surf, travel and adventure brand Passenger have a great story (read it here) so it was great to hear from co-founders Alexa and Rich about their journey. Read the interview below…

What were you doing before you started Passenger and how did you make the leap to working for yourself?

We have always been creative. Alexa is a graphic designer and I was an electrical project manager before I launched Passenger. We have always been quite free spirited and so we really wanted to focus our energy into something we were passionate about.

What’s your journey been like since you launched?

It has by far been the hardest thing we have ever done – long days and often working nights. It has been an exciting journey however, we have learnt plenty on the way and we have met some amazing and inspiring people.

Being able to meet and connect with people that inspire us is incredible. Passenger has really helped with our creative side and combining it with our love for travel and adventure makes a perfect combo.

Your new women’s range looks awesome, which is your favourite piece?

Our favourite piece of the new women’s range has to be the Turkish towels. They are so versatile – they can be used on the beach, sat round a fire, watching the sunset or you can even use them as a scarf. The towels are also our first 100% plastic free product including no plastic packaging.

What’s your average day like now, do you still find time to surf?

Our days are pretty full on but we manage to find time to enjoy ourselves but we are a little more selective when it comes to paddling out for a surf. We still find time to wander in the forest, get away for a night in the van or light a fire and watch the day draw to a close.

Outside of work, where’s your favourite place to escape?

For us we don’t have a favourite place as such as, it’s more about that feeling of escaping. If we had to pick a place it would be a quiet cabin tucked away in mountains surrounded by forests where we can get back to the the simple life.

What do you always pack for an adventure?

Camping knife, map, surfboard, fire wood and good vibes. We always eat pasta and pesto when we’re away and so we’ve named it campervan pasta – it’s as simple as you can get but very tasty.

Passenger co-founder Rich

Finally, what advice do you have for others looking to set up their own surf related business?

Go for it, if it’s something you really want to do then grab a hold of it and give it a go.

Thanks guys! You can check out Passenger on Instagram, Facebook and their website.

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