✨ Behold – a new Kassia + Surf range! ✨

Kassia Surf Collection
Kassia Of Earth Collection in Sky

The first collection, Space Tie Dye, (beautiful as it is) has been out since 2015, so the new pieces have been two years in the making.

The new Of Earth wetsuit collection includes reversible leggings, a full suit, three spring suits and a jacket, all available in either sky blue or rust. There’s also a lycra collection, featuring a crop top, leggings and an oversized hooded jacket (apparently for keeping the sun off your face in long tropical sessions).

To me, wetsuits have always been a surfer’s fashion statement. I mean, who really cares what we’re wearing on land? In the water’s where we do our thing.  Kassia Meador

As with the first collection, the designs are flattering yet functional, and instantly covetable. Kassia was designing wetsuits for seven of the 15 years she was sponsored by Roxy, so she definitely knows her stuff.

Why Kassia + Surf?

Apart from looking the business, they’re also one of the only womens-only wetsuit brands to make full suits. Granted, they are at the more expensive end of the market, but they’re made from a slightly more eco-friendly material than most suits – natural limestone neoprene.

Kassia + Surf also have a pioneering wetsuit recycling programme. You can send in up to three old wetsuits for a discount on your new suit, and the old suits are then given a new life as Suga yoga mats.

Where to buy

The Kassia + Surf website ships worldwide.

The previous collection also available in the UK at MMW Revolver in Newquay.

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