This is a guest post from photographer and videographer Ben Howells.

An unexpected opportunity at Thunderbomb Surfcamp in Nicaragua prompted a change of focus from my traditional pastime of shooting snowboarding and wakeboarding, to focus on a reemerging passion for surfing photography and filmmaking for three months in Northern Nicaragua.

Sometimes the easiest way to get to the peak is to drive straight to it, with a few added perks such as sunset beers on the roof of the truck.

Leon City
Leon church

The south of Nicaragua is quite established on the surf tourist map, but the north is still relatively unknown. The occasional visit to the city was therefore welcome to get into a different environment every now and again when the surf wasn’t working.


But the real reason to be there was the surf, and when it was firing on days like this I definitely didn’t want to be anywhere else!


A lot of early starts depending on the tides each day. Getting up between 4:00am and 5:00am isn’t all that fun but when you’re on an empty beach with perfect sunrise light 15 minutes later it was always worth it.

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