I first came across Neon when creator and founder Elsie was wearing them while coaching on a Big Friday trip in France back in 2012. I’ve had my eye on them ever since, but a spring suit isn’t exactly an essential in the UK so it remained on my wish list.

At the end of last summer they were on special offer but I had no warm water trips booked and therefore still no real reason to buy it. I hastily booked a Costa Rica (let’s face it, I don’t need much persuasion to go surf in paradise) and finally had an excuse to get one.

Warm, flattering and comfortable

The Andras is 3mm suit, and it was actually really warm. It turned out I could only wear it on chilly mornings further north in Costa Rica, as it got too hot further south.

Despite not being worn that much on my warm water trip, I’m so glad I bought it. You can really tell the effort that Elsie has put into the cut. It’s super comfortable and flattering – something that can’t be said for a lot of wetsuits.

I’ve read lots of reviews of other brands of spring suits riding up. Not so with this one, it stayed firmly in place.

Wearing the Andras in Costa Rica. Image: Surf Sistas

As it’s so toasty I’m confident the water will warm up enough to wear it in the UK this summer.

Here’s Elsie styling her suit in Cornwall in an incredibly beautiful edit by Greg Dennis.

Where to get it

You can order the Andras direct from Neon Wetsuits, but they’re also now available at Urban Outfitters surf store.

Neon also do custom suits, I’m super tempted to get a 2mm custom swimsuit for warmer water.

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