I’ve been following Australian surfer and trainer Elise Carve on Instagram for a while, so when I saw she had launched an online surf training programme, I was intrigued. There’s currently a two week trial so I signed up to give it a go.

Holistic surf fitness

Elise takes a holistic approach – focusing equally on core strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and agility – all essential for surfing.

For a newly launched programme, I was impressed. There is lot of great resources on there. As well as workouts, there’s also yoga-inspired “active stretch” classes plus a comprehensive PDF library packed full of information on healthy eating and building core strength in the right way.

The workouts are well explained (not always the case online) and easy to follow, with the added benefit that many are filmed in super inspiring locations, either on the beach or overlooking the ocean.

It’s also great value – the yearly subscription ($99) works out the same as the monthly cost of plenty of gym memberships in the UK. I’m currently in the middle of the Kayla Itsines programme (which I’d also recommended for improving your general strength and fitness) but once I’ve finished that I’m definitely keen to give Surf Style Training a longer try.

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