If you follow my personal Instagram you’ll no doubt know from the barrage of #surftrip and #puravida posts I shared that I found myself in Costa Rica for the third time. Three times might seem excessive, but if you haven’t been, this place is the dream.

Here’s some of the highlights…

Much wildlife spotting

The monkeys were out in force this time around – still searching for a macaw and a sloth though (sloths are in an entirely different part of Costa Rica I think, but a girl can hope!).

Costa Rica monkey Costa Rica bird

Watching sunset every day

Costa Rica always seems to have epic sunsets, and this time I was also lucky enough to see a couple of coveted green flashes.

The surf


Actually, the surf was a little frustrating at times, but then Costa Rica frustrating is actually ten times better than most surf you’d willingly jump in at home.

For much of the trip the surf was quite sizey (for me!). If I managed to make it out the back I was then faced with the prospect of actually catching a wave.

One memorable time in Nosara, after what felt like a never ending paddle out, I finally made it to the line up next to an awesome girl who seriously ripped. After watching her flying down the line, fins reappearing out of the top of the wave, I was totally inspired to paddle for the next wave. It was probably the biggest wave I’ve ever paddled into, and I was totally committed until I made the fatal mistake – I looked down! Holy crap! Apparently my face was a picture – I just stopped, frozen in terror!

Towards the end of the week the surf thankfully got a bit more Charlotte-sized. Muchas gracias to Surf Sistas for sitting in the blistering heat to get this shot!

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We also surfed on our own at dawn at a beautiful point break. We arrived to an empty little wave under pink skies, which was just magical. The waves were the most glassy I’ve ever seen, well worth the 4am alarm!

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All the food

Food is always a highlight in Costa Rica. My favourite meals this time around were at Olam in Santa Teresa and Santa Rita in Tamarindo.

This place

OMG this place. This is basically my dream house. I describe my dream house as white, square, with walls of windows and lots of concrete. This is it, and it’s a few minutes walk to what would have to be one of my favourite beaches in the whole world (Nosara, in case you’re wondering). I was obsessed with photographing it from every angle so I could replicate it if I ever managed to build my own house.

If you fancy doing something similar then check out Surf Sistas, I’d pretty much live on their trips if I could.

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