If you are lucky enough to be going surfing in a warm water destination, rash vests are your friend – they shield you from the sun, protect your modesty in wipeouts (my bikini once even came off while it was underneath my rash vest – go figure) and obviously, stop you getting a rash from rub.

For too long, rash vests have followed a familiar-yet-tired formula: one colour, short sleeved, with a big logo in the middle of the chest. Thankfully, things are starting to change, and there are now a decent selection of beautiful rash vests you actually want to wear. Here are three lovely ones…

1. Seea Doheny

Seea rash vest



2. Free People Zinke crop

Free People crop rash vest

3. Salt Gypsy 3/4 sleeve stripe

Salt Gypsy Stripe Rash Vest

Top image credit: Ladyslider for Salt Gypsy.


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