Surf illustrator Elena Grib is originally from a small town in Siberia, Russia.  After a year of travelling around Sri Lanka, France, Spain and Portugal looking for a place that felt like home, Elena found Baleal in Peniche and never left.

For the last three years Elena has been living and working in Portugal, with a dreamy daily routine of surfing, drawing and yoga.

What do you love about Baleal?

I liked the atmosphere here. Baleal is a small surf village with a great way of life, great food, and the nature here is magnificent!

What’s your average day like?

Morning yoga, a delicious breakfast (very important!). Then surf if possible, painting, walking on the beach. Sometimes I do few hours in a surf shop, emails, maybe surf again. Then dinner!

Elena surfing

Where’s your favourite place to surf in Portugal?

I love to surf in Baleal. Early mornings or late evenings are perfect for calm, chill time in the water.

How long have you been an illustrator?

I’ve been painting since I was four, but I have never put my passion in the commercial side. I wasn’t that I came to Peniche that I discovered that I could do it “seriously”.

Today I fully enjoy what I do everyday! It’s a priceless feeling to create your own things and to share them with everyone.

Surfboard illustration

WhAT inspires your work?

The ocean is endless source of creativity, inspiration and energy. I try to show the beauty of simple things in life.

Surf illustration by Elena Grib

Thanks Elena, where can we find your work?

In a few shops in Portugal or on my website. You can also see more art on Instagram @oh_ocean.

Surf illustration by Elena

All images provided by Elena.

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