13 problems every female surfer will understand

The reality of surf girl's not all bikinis and photogenic duck dives.

1. Getting a Board to the face

It’s inevitable it will happen at least once.

2. Or worse, a fin to the face


3. INEXPLICABLE Bruises, everywhere

“No, I didn’t get in a fight.”

4. “Mermaid hair”

Aka matted and packed full of sand and seaweed.

5. Sand getting EVERYWHERE

It’s practically a beach in your car.

6. The bathroom being a wetsuit drying room

And having to move them all every time you need a shower.

How many wetsuits can I fit on my “drying rack”? #ripcurl #livethesearch 🏄💁👙

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7. constantly getting scared by your wetsuit

Aaaarrrggghhh, hanging man!

When your wet suit scares the shit out of you every time you walk out the door #surfergirlproblems

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8.”Kisses” from the reef

That’s gotta sting.

Can’t leave without giving the reef some of my skin haha☠️luckily my hair will cover up the scar 🤘🏼

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9. Ear and eye infections

Nothing fun about these.

This girl 😂😂 #pirate #maldives #surf #pumping #infectionssuck #waterineye not ear !! @waterinear

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10. Making close friends with urchins


11. The Shortest lasting pedicures ever

It’s barely worth putting polish on.

12. Questionable Wesuit Tan lines

“Er, do you have a foot tan?”

13. Jellyfish stings

Never a good experience.

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