The tinted sunblocks pro surfers swear by

They're long-lasting, waterproof and look good!

Looking for a new sunblock for surfing?

Pros have long raved about Shiseido’s tinted sunblock, with Coco Ho, Laura Enever and Maya Gabriera all saying they rate it. I agree, I’ve been using it for years and it’s great. It effectively blocks out the sun (even when you’re surfing for hours), doesn’t sting or run, and as it’s tinted it’s like wearing a foundation too.

Shiseido is my go-to. I have a Shiseido cream that’s SPF 45 or 40 and I’ll put that on first and then I’ll put a compact foundation on top. It’s the one and only thing that I’ll use surfing and it’s amazing. Laura Enever

There’s a full range of products you can layer on, from BB cream to foundation sticks. They’re widely available online and in department stores.

Shiseido sunblock

I can’t live without Shiseido’s tinted foundation. It has an essential dose of sunscreen and it provides just the right amount of sheer coverage. Maya Gabriera

But lately I’ve noticed a new tinted sunscreen is topping the recommendations. Shade has all the same perks as Shiseido – it’s a tinted, waterproof sun block, with the added bonus that it’s ocean-friendly.

When it comes to skin care, I use Shade Sunscreen every time I surf. It has all natural ingredients that are still super effective. Alessa Quizon


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As it’s entirely mineral based, Shade doesn’t harm reefs or pollute waters when you wear it in the sea.

It’s been thoroughly tested by Stephanie Gilmore, and she says it’s the best she’s ever used…

I use a sunscreen called Shade. I’ve tried every sunscreen on the planet. It’s a tinted SPF, and it’s all natural. It’s perfect for the surf because it kind of sits on your face, but you don’t look crazy putting it on because of the tint. Stephanie Gilmore

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Sadly Shade isn’t available in many locations in Europe yet, but you can pick it up across the US or online.

Main image: Twenty20 / Willie Kessel

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