At the beginning of this year I pledged to see more of the UK.  So far I’ve been all over the south west with a brief foray into Wales. The next stop was due to be North Wales, to explore the area plus visit Surf Snowdonia, but since Surf Snowdonia was plagued by problems and eventually closed down, that never happened.

Looking for something to do instead, we saw South West Camper Hire had a reduced cost two night booking available, so it seemed as good a time as ever to give van life a try.

I’ve been keen to buy a van for a while, as with a move to the coast not currently on the cards, a van would provide a weekend home to stay by the sea as often as possible. Camping is great, but can be a little too chilly for my liking in spring and autumn. So although van ownership is the ultimate plan, vans are not cheap. So, while we build up the van fund, hiring one for the weekend was the next best thing.

After picking up our camper van (a converted T5) on route, we chugged – rather slowly it has to be said – down to to Gwithian, arriving just in time to watch the sun set.

Gwithian beach sunset

We parked up at Gwithian Farm, a beautifully-maintained campsite a short walk through farmers fields and over the dunes to the beach.

Being a hire van, this T5 was properly pimped out. It had everything from running water to a grill. If it was my own, I don’t think I’d want such a full on conversion, but we enjoyed it while we had it!

Early morning in the van

It was epic to wake up with the sunrise and sleepily stumble the short distance to the beach.

Fields behind Gwithian Farm

Sadly what greeted us was rather flat, as it was super high tide, but it did pick up a bit later to catch few fun little ones.

Gwithian beach and lighthouse

Post-surf, I loved having the van. To me, being able to sit inside, warm and cosy with a hot drink, while enjoying the beautiful Atlantic views, is the ultimate in luxury.

Sadly, a fully converted VW like this one is waaaay out of budget, but after a taste of van life we’ll be keeping a look out for a home-on-wheels of our own.

The best way to spend a day in Gwithian

Gwithian is one of my favourite places in the UK, if not the world.

  • Surf (obviously). The sea is often super clear, and when the waves and weather co-operate, it’s just stunning. If it’s too big at Godrevy, walk down the beach towards St Ives for a smaller wave.
  • Walk along the coast path to spy the seals at Godrevy.
  • Stop on the way back to get a coffee and cake at Sunset Surf.

Sunset Surf Cafe Coffee, Gwithian

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