I used mine every day on a recent trip to Costa Rica. If you don’t have one yet, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Here’s seven reasons you need a turkish towel…

1. A ideal multi-purpose towel for travelling

It’s light, doesn’t take up much room, and it dries quickly.

2. Cover up when the sun is strong

Mine has saved me from burning several times when I’ve been caught out without sunscreen.

3. After surf changing robe

For tropical trips and times when a robie is overkill – turkish towels are awesome.

Turkish towel

4. Sarong

No need for a separate sarong when you have one of these bad boys.

5. Scarf for for keeping warm when travelling

There’s never enough blankets on the plane plus it’s also useful for wrapping up in when you find yourself sleeping on airport floors.

6. Making surfaces more comfortable to sit on

Especially useful for hot, sweaty places – never get stuck to a metal chair again! You’ll also avoid getting imprints of the chair on the backs of your legs.

7. As a beach towel


Turkish towel good vibes

All images of the new Passenger turkish towel.

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