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Behind the scenes of Tyler Wright’s emotional world title year

If you followed the WSL world tour last year and watched Tyler Wright win the world title, then this film is well worth a watch.

The story behind the champion

It actually starts way back, chronicling Tyler’s history in the sport and the events that eventually led her to the World Title in 2016. We see clips from when she took out a world tour event as a wildcard aged just fourteen, and then joined the tour at only 16 years old.

We also get a glimpse into what it was like behind the scenes on her first unhappy first few years on the tour.

I was being pulled in every single direction. In like how people told me to look, what to wear, that I had to worry about. I became very body conscious, in a lot of ways. I did not like what it was making me become. I did not like that.

If you’ve been following the women’s tour since Tyler’s arrival, it’s fascinating to see what she was really feeling in the tough situations she ended up in (like coming runner up twice). It’s also incredible to hear that she didn’t really take much interest in surfing for the first few years, to the point that she had literally no idea what board she was riding.

When everything changed

2015 was Tyler’s worst year on tour (albeit with a very respectable fifth place finish) and it was about to get worse. We get the full story behind brother Owen’s head injury and how Tyler was ready to quit surfing to look after Owen. Eventually she decided to surf for Owen, and took out the first event with a minimum of preparation thanks to her new found determination.

I had a tear just run down my face. For her to go through, everything that she did up until that point, it was like wow. You know it showed the strength of what she has. Mick Fanning on Tyler’s win at Snapper.

The film is an emotional roller coaster – but thankfully we already know that there’s a happy ending. After winning the first event, Tyler won four more and went on to take the world title in France.

I knew from a very young age I could win a world title. But I just wasn’t ready. I didn’t want to win a world title and not know who I was. Tyler Wright

And even more remarkably, Owen Wright won the same event the next year on his return from injury.

It’s a tear jerker for sure! Watch the full film on YouTube.

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