As a girl with a traditional English complexion (read: extremely pale) the quest for the best waterproof sunscreen is an important one for me.


I get frustrated by round ups in magazines where they just list untested sun cream that when you actually try it runs into your eyes, stings, or washes off leaving you burnt and crispy. Over the last five years or so I’ve tested many, many sunscreens – these are the only three that have made the cut.

All three stay on, don’t sting, have a good consistency and don’t bring my face out in a load of spots.

Surf suncream

Ultrasun Factor 50+Extreme formula

Pros: Good value, goes a long way. High UVA and UVB protection.
Cons: Can look a little white on your skin.

Shiseido SPF 30 Stick

Pros: It’s a stick format, so easy to top up your sun protection. I have it in clear, but it also comes in foundation colours if you wanted a bit of coverage in the water.
Cons: Small tube, and it’s expensive!

Surfers skin

Pros: Nice consistency, non-sticky. Broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.
Cons: None really, this stuff is good!

Image: Surf Sistas

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