I’m trying my best to get into the habit of exercising in the mornings. I am not really a morning person, yet working out before doing anything else is surprisingly awesome, here’s why…

You feel invincible

Exercising first thing in the morning makes you feel like a superhero all day. Fact.

It might be more effective

If you’re working out to burn calories or fat, there’s evidence to suggest that doing it first thing in the morning will be more effective.

It’s done

By doing your workout first thing in the morning, nothing else can get in the way of getting your sweat on. I’m guilty of working until I’m starving, leaving no time for that run I was planning to do.

It could help you eat healthier

It might just be me, but if If I know I’ve already done my sweat session, I’m more likely to pick healthy choices for the rest of the day. Win.

Exercise first thing feel epic

Three tricks for making it easier

Despite the myriad benefits, getting out of bed and straight into it is hard. Although I am well aware of the benefits, I probably only manage a AM session twice a week (out of the four or five times I say to myself I will do it). I’m writing this to convince myself as much as anyone else.

  • Get your stuff ready the night before. Hell, sleep in your workout clothes if it makes it easier.
  • Do something you like doing – you’ll never drag yourself out of bed for a run if you detest running.
  • Imagine you’re doing something better. Funnily enough, it’s always easier to get up for a dawn surf than a workout, so if I’m struggling, I imagine I’m getting ready to surf tropical waters at sunrise, not go downstairs and do 20 minutes of HIIT on a dark winter morning.

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