Where I live, options for yoga classes are quite limited. Although I still like to attend classes when I can, because of this I’ve investigated a lot of online and DVD yoga classes over the last few years. Here’s a few to try if you’re in the same predicament…

Be more yogic

This excellent site has recently made all videos free to stream, there’s a good selection and they’re also shot in a gorgeous location overlooking the sea – win.

Playing in the Elements

I’ve mentioned Nicole before of Playing in the Elements before, lots of great free half hour videos and she’s just launched a new ‘fit to rip’ course too.

Yoga by Candace

Although this site has free videos, my favourite part is actually the pose breakdowns, when you’re practising yoga at home it can be harder to know if you’re doing it right or not, so these are a really helpful resource.

Yoga for surfing

I am not the biggest fan of the teaching style in these DVDs, but I like that it’s totally geared towards surfing. Quite high intensity, so you’ll need a bit of energy!

My Yoga Online

I have subscribed to this service a few times but find I don’t always use it enough to justify the subscription fee. There’s so many classes on here there’s likely to be one that suits you, but it does take a long time to wade through and find something you like. My favourite was Kino Macgregor’s Ashtanga class and handstand series.

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